How to find us

You can find us in Mestnem trgu 16, in the centre of Idrija, one of the most interesting Slovenian cities.

idrija lace - Mestni trg 16

Idrija was established in the beginning of the 16th century, above a rich deposit of quicksilver ore. The mine (second largest in Europe) and the valuable metal have been major factors for the image of Idrija and its pulse for many centuries and have linked Idrija with wider European area. Today the mine is in closure procedure; some tunnels are preserved for tourists.

idrija lace - Mestni trg 16

Idrija is also known for its lace that has been manufactured for more than 300 years. Every summer a Lace festival in Idrija takes place, it is a festival for experts and admirers of this art. Idrija is also known for its unique cuisine, especially idrijski ělikrofi that are worth to try.

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