Most important references are listed:
  • Grand hotel Palace, Madrid (Spain), 1993
  • »Sosed Slovenija – včeraj in danes «, Munich (Germany), 1994
  • Ateneo San Basso, Piazza San Marco, Venice (Italy), 1994
  • »Slovenija pod Alpami«, Swiss Alpine Museum, Bern (Switzerland), 1994
  • VI. and IX. Biennale Internazionale dell Merletto, Sansepolcro (Toscana, Italy), 1994, 2000
  • »Mojstrovine klekljanih čipk na Slovenskem«, Geneva (Switzerland), 1996
  • main hall in Slovenian Parliament, Ljubljana, 1998
  • fashion show, The Kenda Manor, Spodnja Idrija, 1998
  • XX. and XI. international lace exhibition, Novedrate (Como, Italy), 1999, 2000
  • »Dunaj Idriji – Idrija Dunaju«, gallery Korotan, Vienna (Austria), 2001
  • Fashion bazaar, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, 2003
  • "The Slovenian Table, which expresses a modern view of socialising and communicating in harmony with heritage, was selected as the most successful by visitors to the exhibition. The creators of the contemporary designs of the Slovenian Table have all derived their ideas from the country's heritage in an original way. The concept for the Slovenian Table was drawn up by Dr Janez Bogataj, professor at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana." (Government Public Relations and Media Office)

  • idrija lace - miza Evrope

  • »V stičišču ustvarjalnosti«, Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, 2004
  • »V stičišču ustvarjalnosti: splet tradicije in sodobnega oblikovanja v Sloveniji«, Rauma Art Museum (Finland), 2005, Tallinn (Estonia), 2006

Our products also decorate:

  • Slovene embassies in Vienna, Prague, Rom, Geneva, Buenos Aires
  • The Kenda Manor in Spodnja Idrija
  • The Škrabec homestead in Hrovača, Ribnica
  • Restaurant Pri Mihovcu in Pirniče, Ljubljana
  • Gallery Perger in Slovenj Gradec
  • Trnovo Church in Ljubljana

Important publication:
  • Janez Bogataj: The monograph Handicrafts of Slovenia (Rokus, 1999)
  • "The tiny and cosy shop Studi Koder, situated in the Idrija town sqare, offers a special encounter with masterpieces of lace-making. It is not only a place to buy unique lace, but also an actual studio, where they accept special orders. The young generation of the Koder family includes Tina Koder, a fashion designer who has explored and used her family's cultural heritage to create top quality fashion lines. She has created several collections, ranging from jewellery to clothes. In all of these collections, lace is the element that provides character and identity to the products." (Dr Janez Bogataj)
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide - Studio Koder is recommended as the shop with the best choice of lace in town.

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