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Family business Studio Koder d.o.o. was established in 1990. In it we combine two activities: architecture and sale gallery of Idrija lace. We pay great attention to this valuable heritage and design and make Idrija lace and products with its application. In our sale gallery, located in Mestni trg 16 in Idrija it is possible to view and purchase a selection of Idrija laces and products and arrange a composition of textiles for interior design with the help of an architect or designer.

idrija lace - druzina Koder

In cooperation with Tina Koder, graduate in textile design at the Faculty of natural science and engineering in Ljubljana, we set new guidelines in modern lace design.

Our guidance is quality and excellence. We are also known for designing and creating business, protocol and personal gifts. We pay special attention to authentic wrapping which consists of red paperboard, golden string and red wax seal. Each lace has a certificate of its geographic origin »idrijska čipka« issued in 2000 by Slovenian Intellectual Property Office. We regularly participate in independent as well as other common exhibitions.

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